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The personal health and safety measures we have all come to highly value recently are an integral part of what you will always find at Cultivated Health Acupuncture.


Here are a few new steps that have been implemented to insure you can relax and rest calmly while at my office: 

  • We kindly and respectfully request that if you have traveled out of state and or country in the last 14 days that you wait  2 weeks before returning for your next appointment.

  • If you suspect that you may have been exposed to or are experiencing any of the above listed CDC COVID-19 symptoms, please call and reschedule your appointment.

  • As mandated by the Santa Clara Health Department please wear a mask to enter the front entrance of the building. 


  • The office door will be locked so when you arrive please text 408-490-0308 with your full name, and let me know you are in the parking lot and I will text you if you can enter early or I will text you when I am ready at your appointment time.

  • Also note: 1 hour before you appointment you can check-in online for your appointment using the Check-In link above.


  • If needed, a clean surgical mask will be provided to you as part of ensuring the health and safety of all while in the office. If you forget to bring a mask, one will be provided.

  • In order to sanitize the treatment room between patients, minimize your time in the waiting area, and maintain physical distancing, scheduling now allows for more space between appointments.


  • Immediately on entering my office you will be provided with an alcohol hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands.

  • There is now a shoe rack and chair at the entrance where you will be able to sit and remove your shoes and put on a pair of slippers that I will be providing for you to wear while you are in our office.

  • You will also take a moment to complete a health screening process that includes filling out a current status health symptoms checklist questionnaire, and have a no-touch thermometer forehead temperature check taken.

  • On entering the treatment room you will be asked to place your personal items (please keep to a minimum) on the side table and then take time to immediately wash your hand at the sink with soap and water.



At Cultivated Health Acupuncture the office has always been cleaned using Benefect a highly regarded, across multiple industries, Intermediate level hospital grade non-toxic botanical cleaner that is on the EPA's List N of approved cleaners effective against pathogenic organisms and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Thanks to early action and preparation this cleaner is still in stock at my office and part of the comprehensive cleaning that has always been an integral part of disinfecting the room between every client.



HEPA air filter has been a part of maintaining air quality in my office and now it runs continuously in my office during open hours and is brought into the room during evaluation and reassessment appointments when more information exchange is required by conversation prior to treatment.

Your safety is always my priority

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