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My Passion:
Great Wall of China
Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, Beijing
Whitfield Reeves, OMD, L.Ac.
Jeremy Steiner, DAOM, L.Ac.
& AJ Adamczyk, L.Ac.
Henry McCann, DAOM, L.Ac.

The Catalyst: We can do better!

  1. We need better solutions for managing pain and illness, both acute and chronic.

  2. Pharmaceutical drugs may be a valuable tool, but they are not the answer. 

  3. You have choices so I want you to consider the benefits of acupuncture first.

Sometimes you find your path early in life, and you never look back. In early elementary, school I became fascinated with how the body works, its amazing capacity for strength and vitality, and its ability to heal after injury began. In high school, after experiencing relief from a painful growth spurt related back pain, thanks to the care and gifted hands of a Physical Therapist I was moving pain free again. By the end of high school I knew I would pursue a career in physical medicine related medical sciences. 

In 1996 I graduated with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy (MSPT) and began my healthcare experience working as a physical therapist. I have worked in Acute and Subacute Rehab hospital settings, as well as Outpatient Orthopedics. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of patients from stroke and traumatic brain injury, to middle school and high school club sport athletes. I have also enjoyed working with many amazing clients in my community with a diverse spectrum of joint and spinal pathologies. 


By 2012, after experiencing first hand the healing power of acupuncture, my growing interest in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine brought me to the decision to pursue a second Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTCM) at Five Branches University, San Jose. Seeing the body through the lens of Chinese Medicine opened up deeper insights and understanding that has provided a new perspective into the bodies interconnected systems. The most valuable aspect of Chinese Medicine is a focus on the principles of cultivating health as well as the prevention of disease, not merely the treatment of the disease after it is clearly evident in the body. I am humbled to have been taught by amazing, passionate and generous teachers that still inspire me every day to learn all I can about this comprehensive medical system. It has been very rewarding to add these healing principles and treatment modalities to what I now offer to the clients I serve. 


I now have the great privilege and responsibility of providing medical interventions to my clients as a Chinese Medicine medical provider and a California State Board Licensed Acupuncturist, (L.Ac.) as well as a Nationally Certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine (Dipl.O.M.) through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). My practice is focused exclusively on Chinese Medicine healing modalities and it is enhanced by a diverse medical education and extensive clinical experience. My continued passion for scientific  evidence based care guides the medical professional training I continually pursue. I have been had the opportunity to have close mentorship with highly skilled teachers and have been able to expand my understanding of the body through the closely observed applications of the principles and modalities of Chinese Medicine.


In the Spring of 2016 I had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China and study Applied Channel Theory with the treasured and very wise Dr. Wang Ju-Yi. Sitting in Dr. Wang Ju-Yi's clinic in Beijing and listening to his instructional wisdom was a gift of a life time. I continue to study his methods and insights as it informs the selection of optimal acupuncture points for the treatment of both external musculoskeletal as well as internal medical conditions.

In the summer of 2016, along with opening my practice Cultivated Health Acupuncture I further advanced my knowledge and and skill through an intensive Sports Medicine Acupuncture Apprenticeship with Whitfield Reaves, OMD, LAc. I'm thrilled to be part of a growing group of professionals dedicated to excellence and clinical efficacy in Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture. 


In November of 2017 I began training with Jeremy B. Steiner, DAOM, LAc, in how to provide the research based application of Electro Acupuncture Medicine (EAM) for pain management and it's broader internal medicine applications of neuro-chemical modulation. EAM is based on well documented scientific research of the therapeutic applications of precise frequency specific electron modulation of the central nervous system. May of 2018 I completed the Advanced Electro Acupuncture Medicine Training and it has been a very powerful resource my clients benefit from every day.


In December of 2017 I continued to expand my skill and knowledge and studied with Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc, Dipl OM, a recognized educator and clinical expert in Master Tung Acupuncture. It was a comprehensive seminar covering the Master Tung acupuncture point system and the application of this distinct treatment approach. 

August of 2018 I began studying with Dr. Poney Chiang and learning his Neuro-Meridian Acupuncture techniques to accurately identify and neuro-modulate the distinct anatomical structures related to precisely located acupuncture points. Dr Chiang's detailed and in-depth studies of the classical acupuncture texts and his validation of their anatomical significance through his own detailed cadaver dissection is an invaluable contribution to the modern understanding application of acupuncture today.

September of 2018 I began the Whitepine Institute 2 year intensive post graduate Classical Chinese Medicine Graduate Mentorship Program taught by the internationally esteemed Sharon Weizenbaum. Sharon is well known for her skill and expertise in the applications of Classical Chinese Formulas in women’s health and fertility as well as her her commitment to advancing the profession through her training programs. Expanding my skills in the applications of Classical Chinese formulas will be a process of a lifetime and I am grateful for the foundational wisdom this program offers.

I continually strive to pursue and bring the best knowledge of Chinese Medicine to my practice and apply these skills to healing and restoring function for all my clients. I hope that whatever health concerns you may be facing right now, whether musculoskeletal pain or internal organ imbalance, that you will consider acupuncture and the prevention focused treatment system of Chinese Medicine as a part of your ongoing health resources. I look forward to helping your body connect with it's own wisdom, resources, and the truly wonderful capacity it holds to heal and maintain health.

I am blessed beyond measure to be able to say that...


 "I do what I love, I love what I do!"

My Purpose:
My Purpose
Forbidden City, Beijing

The Wisdom: Prevention is the cure!

In the 4000 year old classic Chinese text known as "Huangdi Nei Jing" literally the "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor" the following famous guidelines were outlined on how to "Cultivate Health" and live a long and healthy life.


“In the past the sages were able to observe the signs and adapt themselves to these natural phenomena so that they were unaffected by the external influences, and were able to live long lives.


“The sages were able to cultivate the Yang energy in Spring and Summer and conserve the Yin energy in Fall and Winter. By following the universal order, growth can occur naturally. If this natural order is disregarded, the root of one’s life will be damaged and one’s true energy will decline. 


“Therefore, the change of yin and yang through the four seasons is the root of life, growth, reproduction, aging, and death. By respecting this natural law it is possible to live free from illness. 


“In the old days the sages treated disease by preventing illness before it began, just as a good government or emperor was able to take the necessary steps to avert war. Treating an illness after it has begun is like suppressing revolt after it has broken out.” 


[The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (the Neijing Suwen) ~240 B.C.
translated by Maoshing Ni, Shambala Publications ISBN 1-57062-080-6 © 1995] 

If you want to work on supporting and strengthening your body to resolve and prevent pain, or you are looking for ways to strengthen your immune system, ensure your body is in balance, and to prevent illness then you have come to the right place. 

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