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Personalized Solutions

Initial Consultation:

Your care begins with your Health Intake Form. To get started schedule your Initial Consultation and look for the link in your inbox.

An integral part of your care is determining your bodies unique needs through the careful assessment of your tongue, pulse, constitution, and if appropriate diagnostically significant orthopedic tests.

Your treatment starts on day one in addition to your initial assessment, so please take time to carefully fill out the Health Intake Form before you arrive so we can focus our time identifying your barriers and starting the healing process. 

The Care Plan Approach

Acupuncture and Herbal medicine are therapeutic interventions that work only through the cumulative effect of consecutive treatments. This is because acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas do not over-ride or subvert the bodies normal physiology, rather they activate the bodies resources, support the healing process, and restore the body to a healthy state.

Your treatment plan is based on the following 6 key factors

  • Region: Is your health issue localized or systemic?

  • Chronology: How long have you had this health issue?

  • Severity: How significantly has your health issue affected your quality of life?

  • Cofactors: What other health issues are present that could impact your recovery?

  • Age: General age related factors that can impact your recovery?

  • Response: What is your bodies response to the initial acupuncture treatment?

Treatment Phases

Most clients are back to minimal to no pain independently self managing their prevention with in 6-8 visits. Chronic pain and internal health conditions are best supported by acupuncture through the Prevention phase of 10+ visit at an interval determined by how their body responds to acupuncture. 


The duration of each phase is determined by the above 6 key factors:

  • Relief phase: 2 - 3 treatments a week

  • Reparative phase: 2 treatments a week

  • Restorative phase: 1 - 2 treatment a week

  • Prevention phase: 1 treatment per month 

  • Wellness phase: 1 treatment every 2-3 months

Treatment Phase png.png
Treatment Interventions


Acupuncture is a physical medicine in which fine filament, sterilized, disposable needles are placed in neuro-physiologically significant points in the body. Activating these points stimulates the local musculoskeletal  and central nervous system to release natural endorphins and neuro-hormonal regulatory chemicals, enhances blood flow and the transport of oxygen throughout the body, and improves the health of the internal organs. 


Electro-Acupuncture Medicine:

Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM) is an advanced form of acupuncture based in well documented scientific research that is integrated with the foundational principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This unique modality applies the principles of frequency specific electron input to modulate the bodies production and release of powerful neurochemiclas.

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture:

Auricular Acupuncture is the stimulation of the auricle of the external ear with the insertion of acupuncture needles or seeds or magnets or laser. The basic concept in auricular therapy is that nerves in the skin overlying specific areas of the external ear correspond to specific body mapping in the brain which has reflex connections to the body organs and musculoskeletal tissues. 



Moxibustion is modality that involves the burning of dried mugwort (Artemisia) to facilitate healing and is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. When moxibustion is burned over the acupuncture points, it can reduce pain, increase circulation and aid in maintaining general health. It quickens the healing process and has a warming and relaxing effect.



Cupping (also known as myofascial decompression) is a therapy where glass cups are placed over specific areas of your body and a vacuum is created using heat. Cupping can be effective for a wide range of ailments including joint and muscular pain, arthritis, edema, asthma, bronchitis, abdominal pain, stomachache, indigestion, headache, common cold and flu, fever, low back pain, painful menstruation, cough from excessive mucus and treats areas where bodily movement is limited and painful. 

This myofascial technique has been shown to heal connective tissue changes following inflammation or trauma; promote the clearing of waste products by increasing the flow of the lymph system; and decrease myofascial syndromes due to hypertonic muscles.


Tui-Na (Soft Tissue Moblization):

Tui Na is therapeutic bodywork. “Tui” means “to push”, “Na” means “to grasp.” Using a series of manual soft tissue techniques to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.



A massage technique that stimulates acupuncture points on the body to stimulate the body's natural healing capabilities. 


Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most sophisticated traditional herbal medicine systems in the world. It covers an extensive materia medica including plant, animal, and mineral substances. Its effectiveness lies in the synergistic combining of single substances into highly complex formulas. Today these formulas are processed at pharmaceutical grade facilities into conveniently administered pills, powders, tinctures, or external salves.

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