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Case Studies: 
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"Andrea is amazing.  I started going to her when all other options didn’t work.  For instance, I tried seeing a chiropractor, going to a PT, using opioids but none of those remedies helped.  I’m not completely pain free but I’m able to keep going with very little pain.  If you have muscle pain, joint degeneration, or arthritis you should try acupuncture. I’ve tried other acupuncturists but no one is as talented as Andrea."

“I talk to everybody I know... try acupuncture—it works!”

— K.R.   Elkart, IN

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“Because of my experience with Andrea, acupuncture became a necessity not a luxury” .

— S.F.   Morgan Hill, CA

“I love that it helps your body heal itself,” says Linda. “It just works with your own body to balance you and get you well and I think that is wonderful. Why would you choose anything else. I think western medicine has its place. Honestly acupuncture is now my first go to."

— L.J.   San Jose, CA

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Linda has every confidence that Andrea knows what she’s doing.

“I really feel like she really has the knowledge and has absorbed from her mentors a truly holistic approach—knowing that there's multiple ways to address a problem.”

— L.L.   San Jose, CA

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"In the summer of 2016 my left knee began to hurt. It got to the point that I was having difficulty at work, and also had to stop exercising because of the pain. September 2017 I started having peri menopausal problems that included extreme and excessive menstrual bleeding, difficult mood swings. I was having more difficulty with my hormones and struggling with very low energy, memory loss, weight gain, depression, irregular menses, irritability, inability to cope or handle stress. At my first appointment with Andrea she did a thorough consultation. After questioning me regarding all of my symptoms and examining her findings to me thoroughly she decided on a plan to help me find balance again. Over the next few weeks of treatment my pain started to decrease and I was soon feeling whole again. I felt calm, stronger, and able to face my stressful schedule. Within the next month my period regulated. I started to notice I had a much more positive attitude, and I found that I was able to work more effectively and interact better with everyone in my life. Andrea was very attentive in treating not only my hormones, but also my left knee pain. She developed a plan that gave me relief and started to bring healing. I now walk pain-free. I am continuing treatment and can now hike and do things that for the last two years I had been unable to do. She is still working with me to continue the healing both in my knee and in regaining balance with my hormones. Andrea listens to me and truly cares about my complete wellness. She has made my health her priority. I’m so thankful for her nurturing care." 

— L.C.  Santa Cruz, CA

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“I was having some hormone related sleep issues and had several nights in a row of getting extremely little sleep.  The night following my first visit with Andrea I slept more soundly than I had in decades!  After more appointments with Andrea I feel very well balanced and even keeled.  Andrea's expertise and attention to my needs is very much appreciated!”

— C.W.   Los Altos, CA

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“Not only is Andrea an excellent Acupuncturist but also has 10+ years prior experience as a Physical Therapist!... excellent combination. Thanks for the pain relief and instruction.

— M.S.   San Jose , CA

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"This review is long overdue. Two years ago, I had horrible back pain in my lower back. It was a spinal stenosis. I didn't want to take cortisone shots in my back or have surgery and that is when I heard about Andrea and acupuncture. I didn't know if it would work for me or not, but decided to try it. Little by little, Andrea was able to get me back on my feet without taking any pain meds or shots. I am now able to function very well.

Andrea is an amazing lady. She is board certified in acupuncture and has a previous masters degree in Physical Therapy as well. She is always continuing to gather new information on acupuncture whenever her time allows She is a warm and friendly person and I would recommend her to anyone.

— J.D.   Saratoga , CA

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Full disclosure - Andrea and I have been dear friends for many years. She has always been an incredible friend so it made perfect sense for me to call her when I was having trouble.

Several months ago, I began experiencing vertigo. It was debilitating. I felt like I was continuously falling. I went to the hospital and was lucky enough to have an episode in the office (when does that happen?!). The doctor was even able to show 2 medical students my rapid eye movements. I thought for sure they would be able to help me. However, even after witnessing it firsthand, all they did was prescribe me a drug used for sea sickness.


Disheartened, I called Andrea (who lives 2 states away). After listening to my symptoms, and knowing what was most likely going on, within a few minutes she texted me a Youtube video on the Epley maneuver. My teenage son was able help me follow along and within the hour all my symptoms were completely gone! To date, they have never come back! I was truly amazed!


Andrea is a first rate health sleuth and knowing her well just makes me able to recommend her all the more highly because I know she genuinely, deeply cares. If you want to feel better with an advocate whose aim is to help your body heal itself through natural means Andrea will be fantastic for you!"

— M.M.   Vancouver, WA

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