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Photo Credit: Bob Wong – Art of Acupuncture


Chinese Medicine is a valuable system of medicine that observes and listens to the entire physiological system of the body and evaluates what the body is communicating. Acupuncture is a powerful modality of Chinese Medicine, that works directly with the resources and capacity of the body at any given moment to restore balance and facilitate a state of optimal health. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas do not over-ride or subvert the bodies normal physiology, rather they restore, support, and activate the bodies natural healing and reparative processes.


An integral aspect of my practice as a Chinese Medicine medical provider, I strive with each client to provide the tools necessary to restore and maintain a state of physical and mental health. Combining my unique background and graduate level study in biomedical physical medicine and traditional Chinese medicine I develop a personalized treatment approach that will address the internal as well as external dynamics of health without toxic, harmful, or negative side effects.

Health is in your hands, Cultivate it!

Photo Credit: Bob Wong – Art of Acupuncture

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